1. Can anyone come on the tour?
      No. Besides children under the age of 6, we kindly ask that you restrain from coming to the tour if you are sick or are not feeling well. If you have herpes, tuberculosis, or even mild flu symptoms please don’t come. A disease that isn’t life-threatening for you could be lethal for them.
    2. Do the monkeys bite?
      These are wild animals, not pets. We cannot guarantee that they will not bite. However, our monkeys are used to being around people and are very friendly and playful. Our staff monitors the interaction and will guide you in how to interact safely.
    3. Is it safe to be around them and touch them?
      All of our monkeys have been tested for any diseases and are up to date on all of their vaccinations. They will not like it if you try to grab or touch them, so we kindly ask you to restrain from touching them.
    4. Can we bring something for the monkeys?
      If you want to bring something special for them, it is always welcomed. Their favorite snacks are fresh tropical fruits, such as, papaya, pineapple, and they also love raw peanuts,  and unsalted almonds and cashew nuts!
    5. How long can we stay?
      You are welcome to stay for up to two hours between the visiting hours (10 am to 1am).
    6. Are there certain hours we can come to see the monkeys?
      We only accept tour groups between the hours of 10am-12am. We begin luring the monkeys back to their cages for their lunch each day at 12am.
    7. What age children can come on monkey tour?
      Children over the age of 6 are welcome to come on the monkey tour.
    8. What if we want to come on the tour but have no choice but to bring our small children along with us for our excursions?
      If a group shows up with a young child, we have two options. We either do not allow monkeys out to play and they are only viewed through the enclosures or a parent must stay on the boat with the small child and the boat stays slightly offshore. The adults can rotate to allow each of the grown-ups an opportunity to meet the monkeys.
    9. Why do we have to pay for the tour?
      The monkeys are very expensive to care for. Your entrance fee helps us to provide for them and contribute towards their food and vet bills.
    10. Do you offer food or drinks for purchase during the tour?
      We do have a drink menu for purchase. We can sometimes offer lunch, but it should be scheduled with us prior to your arrival.
    11. Can we bring our own food or drinks?
      No. We kindly ask that you refrain from bringing your own food and drinks onto the island. Some foods are not safe for the monkeys and will be tempting for them. Only foods and drinks purchased from our restaurant can be consumed here on the island.

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